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Welcome to EKA PTSA

Our first Box Tops collection drive of the year has begun!!! Each elementary and secondary advisory that collects the most Box Tops for Education, Campbell’s Label’s for Education, and Tyson A+ Labels will win a pizza and cupcake party from the PTSA! Labels can be placed in the PTSA mailbox in the Building A or Building B office, or turned in to the advisor.
-please make sure your labels are current and have NOT expired!
-trim your lables neatly, but do not cut off the barcode. The barcode MUSTbe visible.
-do NOT combine different labels on the same collection sheet!
-please write the name of your advisor on the sheet, envelope, or bag before it is turned in. That way we know how to give credit to towards the class parties!!




The EKA PTSA would like to extend a VERY heartfelt THANK YOU to Victoria Napolitano, of the Victoria Napolitano Group LLC.

Victoria, we truly appreciate your support of our PTSA!! Thank you so much for your generous donations!  It is so deeply appreciated!

For more information on Victoria, please visit  https://www.vnsn.tv/